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Workshop Series

The Edna Anderson-Taylor Communication Institute hosts workshops for the academic community. The goal of these workshops is to bring students and faculty from across campus together with professionals from our wider community for practical and hands-on education related to communication and issues of public concern. Topics could include the promotion of better journalism and government transparency, combatting online disinformation, protecting our digital privacy, and many more. Do you have an idea for a workshop? If so, please contact us and we would be happy to consider your proposal.

Upcoming Workshops:

Positioning Yourself as a Public Scholar:

A Workshop for University of Utah Faculty and Graduate Student

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Date: Wednesday, March 13th

Time: 12:00 - 1:30 PM

Location: Edna Anderson-Taylor Communication Institute, LNCO 2910

You’ve done years of research and have written about it for fellow academics, whether that’s the members of your dissertation committee or (equally terrifying) your scholarly colleagues. But you also sense that your work could have an impact beyond the ivory tower—that your research would matter to the lives of non-academics. How can you communicate with the elusive “general reader” in op-ed articles and books? Where do you even start? In this workshop, Jana Riess will walk you through strategies for positioning yourself as a public scholar. We’ll look at the work and the platforms of several scholars in the humanities and social sciences who have done this well, discuss what general readers are looking for, and identify some things you can do (and, just as importantly, not do) to make sure you are communicating effectively with this audience. We’ll also workshop several of your own ideas for possible op-ed topics and discuss the best way to place your op-ed with a newspaper, magazine, or blog.

Past Workshops:


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