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Communication Institute

About the Edna Anderson-Taylor Communication Institute

The Board of Trustees permanently established the Communication Institute in 1997. In 2022, and in recognition of Edna Anderson-Taylor, a pioneer in Utah broadcasting and alumna of the University of Utah, the Institute was renamed the Edna Anderson-Taylor Communication Institute. The Institute is a channel through which scholarship, teaching, and service may be made available to the campus community, the broader community of Salt Lake City, and beyond. The Institute views communication as an essential component in the development of dynamic, diverse, ecological, and socially just communities. The Institute supports the development, application, and promotion of scholarship in rhetorical, cultural, organizational, interpersonal, health, environmental, scientific, and mediated communication practices. It does so through offering high quality research-informed certificate programs and workshops, public events that highlight innovative and socially relevant communication research, and financial support for graduate student research. The Institute aligns with the goals of the Department of Communication, College of Humanities, and University of Utah through its commitment to research and educational development through the discovery, refinement, and exploration of knowledge.

Our Mission

The mission of the Communication Institute is to increase understanding of communication research and theory with academic, professional, and public communitites. The Institute makes innovative communication research accessible and applicable to academic, professional, and public communities and serves the needs of these communities through the development of a sophisticated understanding of communication theory across a variety of contexts.

Current Initiatives

  • The Communication Institute sponsors public lectures, symposia, and panel discussions that promote the value of communication theory to broader academic, professional, and public audiences.
  • The Communication Institute provides funding for graduate students in the Department of Communication to pursue original research projects and disseminate their research at national and international conferences.


Last Updated: 4/12/22