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Edna Anderson-Taylor
Communication Institute

The Board of Trustees permanently established the Communication Institute in 1997. In 2022, and in recognition of Edna Anderson-Taylor, a pioneer in Utah broadcasting and alumna of the University of Utah, the Institute was renamed the Edna Anderson-Taylor Communication Institute. The Institute is a channel through which scholarship, teaching, and service may be made available to the campus community, the broader community of Salt Lake City, and beyond.

The Institute offers state of the art workshops, lectures, and symposia on communication practices including journalism, conflict resolution, marketing, and technology. Each year, the Institute offers a series of campus and public events around issues of public concern related to communication.

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“Korean Food Television and Gastronationalism," presented by Dr. Jaehyeon Jeong of the University of Utah Asia Campus, grows out of a line of research that analyzes the conjuncture of food, television, and nation and explores the semantic and ideological roles of food television. He seeks to gain insight into how the state appropriates the banality of food to raise South Korea’s global image and how it utilizes domestic television to disseminate statist discourse of the nation.

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Last Updated: 8/24/22