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Korean Food Television and Gastronationalism: Jaehyeon Jeong

February 3, 2022 | “Korean Food Television and Gastronationalism," presented by Dr. Jaehyeon Jeong of the University of Utah Asia Campus, grows out of a line of research that analyzes the conjuncture of food, television, and nation and explores the semantic and ideological roles of food television. He seeks to gain insight into how the state appropriates the banality of food to raise South Korea’s global image and how it utilizes domestic television to disseminate statist discourse of the nation.

Dr. Jaehyeon Jeong

Dr. Jaehyeon Jeong

Dr. Jaehyeon Jeong holds a PhD in Media and Communication from Temple University, as well as graduate degrees in Media, Culture and Communication and in Visual Communication from NYU and Yonsei University. Prior to joining the Utah Asia Campus faculty in 2020, Dr. Jeong held multiple academic appointments at Temple University. Their scholarly work includes a half dozen peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, as well as three books on which Dr. Jeong has contributed as author or editor. Most recently, that work has included a 2020 book “Korean food television and the Korean nation” and the co-edited volume “Communicating Food in Korea” published in 2021, both by Lexington Books.


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