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Speaker Series

About the Working Speaker Series

Each year, the Communication Institute holds a series of 4-6 lectures offered by faculty from across our campus, the United States, and internationally. Speakers discuss how their research-in-progress addresses an issue of public concern at the intersections of communication and public policy.

Upcoming Lectures

Addressing Health Disparities PosterAddressing Health Disparities and Achieving Wellness: A Look at how Communities of Color are Impacting our Science and Creating New Narratives of Cancer Communication Research

Dr. Crystal Y. Lumpkins
Associate Professor, Department of Communication
Investigator at Huntsman Cancer Institute's Population Sciences Division

Thursday, November 10th | 3:00 - 4:50pm
LNCO 2120, Reading Room

Cancer health disparities continue to persist among racial/ethnic minorities nationally but also within the intermountain area. In the state of Utah, these communities are growing steadily and are projected to represent nearly 30% of the state's population (Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute). Some factors contributing to these cancer health disparities are cancer communication inequities documented to have negatively impacted cancer health outcomes. As these populations continue to expand within the state and intermountain areas, these is an urgent need to address cancer disparities, increase health equity and create new pathways for optimal cancer communication through community engaged approaches. 

In this presentation, Dr. Crystal Y. Lumpkins describes community-engaged research with racial/ethnic minority populations, cancer-related genetic communication among these populations, and a current cancer communication mapping project that includes community input and critical conversations. She will also chronicle cancer communication risk and prevention scholarship over the last 10 years and recent community engagement activities she has begun with communities of color in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Last Updated: 11/7/22