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Human Rights Journalism: Reporting from Ukraine | Sara Cincurova and Nate Carlisle

March 30, 2022

In this presentation, journalist Sara Cincurova discusses her experience reporting from Ukraine during the first days of the Russian invasion in late February 2022. She is interviewed by journalist Nate Carlisle of of FOX 13 News in Utah and takes questions from students and faculty.

Sara Cincurova

Sara Cincurova

Sara Cincorova is a human rights journalist from Slovakia focusing on migration, human rights, humanitarian issues, and women's rights. She was in Ukraine when the war started and had to flea the country with the very refugees she traveled there to report on. She will speak to the University of Utah by Zoom to describe her reporting in Ukraine and give advice to aspiring foreign correspondents.

Nate Carlisle

Nate Carlisle, Emcee

Nate Carlisle is an investigative producer and reporter at FOX 13 and teaches investigative journalism at the University of Utah. He spent 15 years as a reporter at the Salt Lake Tribune, covering criminal justice, polygamy, the military and the finances of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. 


Last Updated: 4/11/22