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Robyn Moreno

MorenoRobyn Moreno is an Associate Instructor in the Department of Communication. She holds a MA in Communication with an emphasis in communication pedagogy as well as a graduate certificate in Conflict Resolution from the University of Utah. In addition to teaching undergraduate courses in the Department of Communication, Ms. Moreno is the Assistant Instructor of the Conflict Resolution Graduate Certificate Program and the Assistant Director of the John R. Park Debate Society.

As Assistant Instructor of the Conflict Resolution Graduate Certificate Program, Ms. Moreno works with students in several different capacities to support learning and provide a productive classroom environment. She is committed to helping students develop a high level of competence in the communication and process skills necessary to be successful in conflict resolution. In addition to her teaching role in the program, Ms. Moreno is also responsible for the administrative portion of the program including managing program operations and development.

As Assistant Director of the Debate Society, Ms. Moreno plays a significant role in supporting its activities during the competitive season. She also directs the high school outreach operations for the Debate program. These efforts include: the Beehive Forensics Institute, the Beehive Bonanza High School Tournament held each October, the volunteer outreach program which provides approximately 1,000 hours of free support to the local high school community in Utah, and twice annual high school clinics held on the University of Utah campus. In addition, Ms. Moreno assists in organizing the twice annual John R. Park public debates, a tradition on the Utah campus since the late 1890s.

Last Updated: 7/21/16