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Danielle Endres

EndresDr. Danielle Endres is a Professor in the Department of Communication and the Director of the Communication Institute. Dr. Endres’ research focuses on rhetoric, which is the study of how language and other symbol systems have profound influence on our world. She examines the rhetorical strategies and tactics used by participants in controversies over environmental issues, science, and Native American experience. She is currently engaged in research projects that analyze:

 High-level nuclear waste siting decisions in the U.S.
 Controversies over nuclear 
energy and climate change
 How nuclear scientists and engineers talk about the 
sociopolitical implications of their research
 The controversy over the use of 
the “Utes” nickname by the University of Utah’s sports teams.

Dr. Endres’ award winning research has received funding from the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation and been supported by competitive fellowships from the Tanner Humanities Center, Environmental Humanities Program, Honors College, University Research Council, Office of Undergraduate Studies, and College of Humanities. Dr. Endres is the co-author of Participatory Critical Rhetoric, co-editor of Social Movement to Address Climate Changeand author of numerous scholarly journal articles and book chapters. Dr. Endres disseminates her research to broader audiences through teaching, working with nonprofit and activist communities, and offering her expertise to local controversies.

Dr. Endres received a Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Washington in 2005, an M.A. in Communication from San Diego State University in 1999, and a B.A. in History from the University of Oregon in 1997.

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